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Preventative Maintenance and Service Agreements on your Compressed Air system

When you’ve invested the time and money in your business to get a quality air compressor, it’s important to make sure not only your air compressor is maintained but as well your Air Dryer, all your filtration system requires regular filter changes, periodically check your and repair leaking valves, cylinders, fittings, tubing.

No matter how well-built your air compressor is, it still needs regular tune ups, just like a car. With little to no effort on your part, preventative maintenance and service agreements can keep your compressed air system running smoothly for years to come, letting you enjoy the benefits of an efficiently running operation.

Although many people don’t consider it, preventative maintenance and service agreements for air compressors are an essential part of their care. Just like cars, which need regular oil changes and tune ups, air compressors require maintenance to avoid costly repairs. Something as simple as a loose bolt can result in hundreds of dollars in repair, if not more. Preventative maintenance and service agreements proactively avert these accidents by keeping a close eye on the integrity of your machine before problems even start.

Our Compressed Air Systems service contract offers preventative maintenance and service agreements on air compressors and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Some inspections and services included in our air compressor agreements are:

  • Oil levels
  • Belt tensioning
  • Blow out coolers
  • Electrical connections
  • Air leak detection
  • Cleaning of air filter dust cap
  • Draining of valves, filters, and traps
  • Cleaning of refrigerated air dryer condensor and checking for proper settings
  • Changing the oil filter, air filter, belts, oil, and more when necessary
  • Regular maintenance of system Filtration products
  • Checks for leaking cylinders, valves, tubing and fittings

Not only do preventative maintenance and service agreements help you to avoid costly repairs, but they also can keep your machine running more efficiently. By keeping all aspects of the machine in top working order, you minimize wasted energy and streamline the air compressor, resulting in maximum efficiency and even saving you money on the cost of air.

Call our service Department and ask for our service manager Steve MacLellan today to schedule a free evaluation of you compressed air system .